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by Wes Perry

These are a few samples of my work. I have included examples of my work as a sideman and as a bandleader/producer. These tracks feature my saxophone playing, as well as some flute playing and some music production skills. These also showcase my playing in a multitude of different genres.

1. Do Love - Written by Liz Woolley from her release “Do Love”. Saxophone playing and horn arrangements by Wes Perry

2. Colorful Waste of Time - Written by The Worn Flints from their release “Second Sun”. Flute played by Wes Perry.

3. Sweet - Composed and arranged by Wes Perry from his latest release, “Point of Departure”. Saxophone played by Wes Perry

4. Nardis (Miles Davis) - As performed by the Wes Perry Quartet. Live from Brothers Drake Meadery, Columbus, OH.

5. Magnificent - Produced by Wes Perry (under the pseudonym Portrait of a Wallflower from his upcoming project of the same name). All instruments played/programmed by Wes Perry. Track mixed and mastered by Wes Perry