I am available for any of the following:

Live Performances - I can put together a small group (duo, trio, quartet and more) for your next event. We can provide a wide variety of music from different genres and styles.

Session work - I am available for your next recording session on saxophones, clarinets and flutes. I can record in your studio, or record from home. I am equipped with an interface (Focusrite 2i2), a variety of microphones (dynamic, condenser and ribbon), and can record via Logic Pro X or Ableton Live.

Arranging and transcriptions - I can create original arrangements or accurate reproductions of existing music for your next project. I will provide clean, easy-to-read sheet music engraved in Finale. 

Lessons - I am available to teach lessons on saxophone, clarinet and flute, as well as music theory and composition, and music production.


To inquire about any of the above services, click here.